About Us

Our Mission

To help our clients develop and sustain the capability to protect their citizens, secure their assets, and safeguard their investments against a variety of threats.

Our History

2006 -

Long time friends and colleagues, Edward P. Flinter and Michael A. Sheehan founded Lexington Group in New York City.

2007 -

We moved our Headquarters to Abu Dhabi to better service our clients in the United Arab Emirates.

2011 -

Michael A. Sheehan left Lexington Group to serve in the Obama Administration.

Our Past Performance

We have over ten years of global past performance...

Delivered numerous multi-year Homeland Security & Law Enforcement consulting and training projects for the Abu Dhabi Government.

Delivered numerous security consulting projects for Fortune 500 firms and SMEs in New York City, USA.

Delivered counter insurgency risk assessment and training program for the US Government in Afghanistan.

Conducted International Training & Police Diplomacy with Los Angeles, London, New York, and Washington DC including benchmarking visits and law enforcement training.

Organizing Committee Member & Lead Planner for the Gulf States Global Police Symposium over 30 Chiefs of Police in attendance from across the globe.

Our Team

We are a value driven organization that is passionate about giving our clients the confidence to make the best decisions and to conduct their operations with the utmost precision, agility, and efficiency

Edward "Ted" Flinter

President Ted is a founding partner of Lexington Group and the Company’s President. Since 2006, Ted has lead and built Lexington’s business in the Middle East transforming Lexington into a multi-million dollar business. Ted's background includes ten years of operational and training experience with Marine Corps Security Forces and Special Operations Training Group as well as five years working with foreign militaries and paramilitary police units during peacekeeping operations in Central and West Africa.

Jarat Ford

Senior Vice President Jarat is Lexington Group’s Senior Vice President and is a founding member of Lexington Group’s business base in the United Arab Emirates. Over the last eight years with Lexington Jarat has led and managed various consulting and training projects across the MENA region. Jarat has a background that includes over a decade of international management and consulting experience in Europe, North America, Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Paul Packham

Director Paul is a Director at Lexington and currently manages Lexington’s Finance & Support Services. He has considerable experience establishing and developing administrative frameworks and providing strategic planning, guidance, policy and direction across finance, human resources, procurement and facilities management disciplines. For more than a decade, Paul served the United Nations' Peacekeeping and International Tribunal efforts in senior finance and administrative roles.