Lexington Group Delivers Special Operations Training

May 23


Gulf Region

Lexington Group began delivery of its Special Operations Training Program (SOTP) to select GCC member states. This newly designed and intense four-month training program includes prepares law enforcement operators for responding to and resolving high risk policing operations.

As a leading provider of homeland security training solutions for the Gulf Region, Lexington’s instructors are former paramilitary, SWAT and US Special Operations professionals.

Lexington’s Training Program Manager, James Underwood, remarked “Lexington’s SOTP is modeled after the best special operations and SWAT organizations in the United States. It’s among the most demanding training programs I’ve ever been a part of leading… we don’t expect every student to complete the training due the high operational tempo, the extreme mental and physical demands placed on them every day and those that make it across the finish line will be among the Nation’s best operators capable of immediate deployment to support high risk incidents.”

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